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About “Vetronet” wind turbine @en

New features in the design of “Vetrolov” wind turbine

Rotating housing of the generator is long enough (about 0.5 meters) to allow fixing the blades on hinges in the back, and in the middle part (between the generator pad and the blades) the blade folding mechanism is placed. It is made on the principle of the mechanism of an automatic umbrella putting up. When […]

The tower and mounting of the wind turbine

The tower for a wind turbine construction can be of any kind. We offer steel, grid, and modular towers. The height of the module is 2.5 m. This design allows you to “gain” the necessary height, depending on the type of terrain and surrounding buildings. At the top of the wind turbine tower “a beam” […]

Features of the “Vetrolov” wind turbine generator

From the variety of choices we singled out an axial multi-polar generator with permanent Ni-Fe-B magnets. Moreover, the axis of the windings is fixed, and the outer clip with magnets serves as a rotor. This allows you to build wind turbine blades with a folding mechanism directly on the hull of the generator. Thus, the […]

Perfect wind turbine criteria

Thus, the task of building a good wind turbine is transformed into a task to build the right kind of a wind turbine for a certain place and a certain consumer. Here it would be useful to do a research of the existing market and to define the goods and the bads of the designs […]

Wind sail turbine – another step to the personal energy security

Man always has been using wind energy. Cave ventilation or grain aeration for glumes removal all these are examples of the wind usage. For any savage crossing a lake was yet another experience of wind being helpful or hindering. So it is clear why boats have been rigged with sails since the beginning of time. […]