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wind turbine generator

Features of the “Vetrolov” wind turbine generator

From the variety of choices we singled out an axial multi-polar generator with permanent Ni-Fe-B magnets. Moreover, the axis of the windings is fixed, and the outer clip with magnets serves as a rotor. This allows you to build wind turbine blades with a folding mechanism directly on the hull of the generator. Thus, the wind turbine has only two bearings.

The rotor with the permanent magnets is made in the form of two plate magnet cores. The root plate is fixed with bolts on the hull pad, and the second plate is fixed to the root one with remote bushings, providing the necessary clearance for the stator with the windings.

The stator is fixed on a dead axis between the two plate magnet cores, and the contacts from all the windings are bought out to the axis through the porthole in the second plate of the rotor. This porthole is sufficiently large (which simplifies the installation), and focuses on the incoming airflow. The rotating rotor and heading of the airflow ensures effective ventilation of the windings, which allows the generator to maintain a high load current.